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You deserve the best. That’s why we tried to improve your shopping experience but also all the activities you would like to do during your stay.

Tasting the territory

Tasting the territory
“Km Zero/Zero-Mile” products

Zero-mile products: this is the key of our success. They are healthy, good quality but the most important thing is that are locally produced.
Novara and its province are known for simple, but at the same time rich and tasty products. Here you can find excellent wines, salami, cheese such as gorgonzola, and  honey. Some typical courses are part of the  heritage of Piedmonte region. For our guests we have selected a number of restaurants , pizzerias and shops where  they can taste and buy typical products of the area receiving special treatments.
In its abundant and tasty continental buffet Camelia Hotel offers his guests the possibility to taste our  zero-mile products such as cheese, jam and honey produced by local artisans and seasonal fruits. For your memorable experience in Italy you can also buy them at local producers’ and bring them home. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity during your next stay!

In Italy Latteria means both the industrial plant where milk and cheese are produced, and the shop where it is possible to buy them. You can find the Latteria one minute walking distance from Camelia Hotel.  A wide selection of cheese such as sweet and spicy gorgonzola, taleggio, toma and goat cheese can be purchased with a 10% discount.
For more info ask at the Reception Desk.

I.M.G. is a small farm managed by Invernizzi Family and born by Christian’s passion for bee breeding and good honey production. In the nearby farm (you can see outside the yellow flag) there is the new point of sale where you can buy all the products with a 10% discount.  Jams, fruit juice, corn flour, buckwheat flour, wheat flour , wines and other products realized by other associated farms are all part of Country Friendly Circuit (Italian certified producers). The best value for money here is guaranteed. For more info ask at the Reception Desk.


Shopping with Style

We have dedicated to you an exclusive shopping experience: a 10% discount on all purchases made at  The Vicolungo Style Outlets, located a few kilometers from Cameri. Our staff is at your disposal to explain how you can take advantage of this opportunity. If you want to reach the outlet comfortably, a shuttle service is salso available upon request.

Strada Provinciale per Novara, 131 - 28062 Cameri (NO)
Tel. 0321.659980 - Fax. 0321.510191
info@hotel-camelia.it - direzione@hotel-camelia.it
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