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Rice and gorgonzola: Novara and its province are known for these simple, but at the same time rich, taste and history products. But in Novarese we also produce excellent wines, salami and various types of honey. Some typical dishes are part of the Novarese food and wine heritage, to be enjoyed in one of the many restaurants in the area. Paniscia, based on rice or gorgonzola risotto, a classic of Novarese cuisine, combining two of the typical products of the province. And finally, the bagnet, a typical Piedmont sauce made from parsley, garlic and anchovies, is usually used to accompany low-fat meat (such as mixed boiled Piedmontese), bread, boiled eggs or some types of cheeses.

For our guests we have selected a number of restaurants and pizzerias where you can enjoy the typical products of the area and receive special treatment.

Strada Provinciale per Novara, 131 - 28062 Cameri (NO)
Tel. 0321.659980 - Fax. 0321.510191
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