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We were left inspired by one of five senses: the sight. For this, each of our 53 rooms has a different color: bordeaux, indigo, amaranth, gold, yellow, red and green.
Your comfort is our priority, our rooms are large, as well as the bathrooms and showers that are located in a separate space, just to give you the best comfort.
Our 8 suites are also inspired by the colors: Accurate and elegant design, spacious spaces, privacy and comfort, and many services that will make your stay enjoyable. Enjoy the pleasure of a Jacuzzi set in a special room inside the suite.
Both the rooms and the suites have private and secure access directly from the car box, with electric shutter closure.
Our hotel also welcomes your four-legged friends, as long as they are small.

The services of our rooms

Color Rooms

Each color has a meaning and an effect on our emotions. Bed, accessories, lights of each room have a single color that welcomes you and surrounds you. For our guests we always reserve the choice of color available: bordeaux, indigo, amaranth, gold, yellow, red and green. All rooms are equipped with: › Air conditioning and […]

Black Room

An aggressive but sober and elegant color. This room is a black box in which the floor and walls are black. A strong and total experience, drained from the light coming from the Jacuzzi. If you love the net simplicity of the force of black color, this is the room for you. Room is equipped […]

Mirrors room

Vanity. This is the philosophy of this room that we thought for you. Large mirrors. On all the walls. The two-seat Jacuzzi water surface that is reflected on the mirrors. Soft light that you can adjust to your liking. And as always, it is possible to have private access directly from the car box, protected […]

Junior Suite

Bronze and platinum. Two precious and antique metals. We chose them for our luxury suites. Environments that we designed and thought to make you feel at home, with everything you would have always wanted. Here luxury and excellence is never enough. Here elegance is the standard. Our suites are built on a double modular surface […]

Senior Suite

Silver and gold, ying and yang, opposite but complementary. Precious as the time you spend in these environments, luxurious enough to leave a pleasant and comforting memory. Our senior suites are designed to welcome you with elegance and privacy, just as you deserve. Let yourself be brought into a world of pleasures dedicated only to […]

Strada Provinciale per Novara, 131 - 28062 Cameri (NO)
Tel. 0321.659980 - Fax. 0321.510191
info@hotel-camelia.it - direzione@hotel-camelia.it
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